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Welcome beautiful,

I cant wait to meet you!


Your journey for beautiful hair begins here.


It starts when you fill out the form below for an appointment request. Once submitted for a request I will go over the date, time, the service that makes more sense for your hair needs and I will make it official!


 You will be receiving an email with all the direction you need to feel confident and comfortable for your first visit!


We have a very cozy studio vibe offering parking space right in front of our salon, water, tea, ocassional seasonal beverages + restroom for our clients, and plenty of time to get cozy. 


I'll conduct a 15 minute consultation in which we will go over all the details of your first visit but also we'll come up with a long term plan to ensure all your hair goals are met. If you get your hair colored your formula will be custom colored by me and recorded in my client notes so that it is consistent and it is ready for the next visit.


 Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or difficulty requesting you appointment.

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