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My name is Abilene Ruiz (Abbi)


I was born and raised here in Reno NV, I am a daughter to hardworking Mexican immigrant parents. I am a passionate daughter, sister, wife and auntie.


Some of the things that bring me the deepest joy are family, music and anything that requires using my creativity. I attended The Milan Institute of Cosmetology 9 years ago and studied aesthetics.


I have gained experience throughout the years in business management and customer service in different settings, I also got the opportunity to help create a curriculum for a makeup school.


My specialties are brow design, brow shaping and lash extensions and I have worked with my sister on many special events including weddings and a quince expo.


One of my favorite aspects of my career is teaching. Teaching clients to take care of their brows and teaching easy makeup techniques to help enhance ones natural beauty. I am most sought out for helping reshape and design your dream brow, many people have had horrible wax experiences and I have the patience to sit with you and in most cases fully correct and regrow your natural brows and enhance with the shape of your choice.


I’m always up for a challenge and one of the mottos I live my life by is “She was an artist and her life was her canvas.” Let me help enhance the beauty you possess in a very Abilene Ruiz way! 

I am Nancy Villa and I am passionate about hair! 


    My love affair started at an early age watching my father cut family members and close friends and my mother highlighting thru a cap and perming back in the 90s! Around early 2000s a close friend of family lived with us a couple of years and was licensed and owned her hair salon in Tijuana, Mexico. I would sit beside them and watch! My curiosity for hair would only grow stronger along the years! Before I graduated high school my mind was set that I wanted to become a hairdresser!


    During my senior year I heard an announcement Paul Mitchell the School was hosting a career fair during lunch time and that was a wrap! I was signed up without hesitation and that started my amazing journey!


    I've gained experience working in various salons over Reno, NV and each salon I've gained new experiences and lessons learned! During the beginning years of my career I partnered up with my sister Abilene Ruiz a licensed esthetician doing special events all over Tahoe and Reno area. In 2011 I was recruited in becoming a Cosmetology Instructor. Completing a 1000 absorbing all this amazing knowledge of a couple of amazing pioneers in our industry such as Doug Christensen and  Chris Tornatore I earned my Cosmetology Instructor license. I certified in cutting, coloring, and texture certifications from Certifier's within the Paul Mitchel Industry!  I became a Theory Leader, Final Phase Instructor, and a Clinic Floor Leader shadowing future professional during the clinic floor. In one of my accomplishments I created a extra curriculum Nail Course. We met once a week during the course of 6 weeks teaching advanced nail designs and furthered their practice and passion for nail designs. This experience helped and polish the hair artist I am today!


    Attending 3 consecutive years the 3 day convention ISSE beauty expo hosted in Long Beach, California fueled my inspiration and wanted to further continue on educating myself in the latest trends! In 2015 I certified in I tip extensions with Dream Catchers hair extensions in  San Jose, California. In 2019 I certified also in a hand tied extensions in a extensive 6 month course for Natural Beaded Rows Extensions in Irvine, California and attended a 3 day convention where I completed my certification.  


    Overall my biggest achievement is co owning The Duo Hair & Brow Studio along side my sister Abilene Ruiz. This dream finally became alive with the help of our supporting family and cheering clients that believed in us and encouraged this dream! In November 2018 it became reality! Here we create magic and share love in where it has become an oasis for our clients and friends! We have made our parents proud and worthwhile their hard work and sacrifice for chasing the American dream! Transformations happen here at a daily in which we take pride in how we listen genuinely to our clients needs and desires! My journey continues and look forward with gratitude the future! I encourage you to love yourself first and take pride in how you feel and look and lets us help you with rest! Book online your appointment or schedule a consultation to further connect! 


                                    With Love,

                                   Nancy Villa 

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